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Focus On: Shot Gaming and Their Steam Shots Channel


This is our first post in our new category for Youtube content and what a first post this is.  Shot Gaming contacted us about some advertising for their Youtube channel and I have decided to expand that with a feature on their channel.  Why?  Because their channel is freaking awesome.  Check it out if you don’t believe me.  We have embedded a few videos in this article for you to listen to while reading up on Shot Gaming’s Steam Shots show.

Each show (over 80 as of this writing) covers five titles from Steam.  Video clips of in game action and snarky vocal descriptions of each title accompany you through each episode.  The voice over work is awesome and really does make Shot Gaming content stand a few steps above the competition.

Covering a wide breadth of titles each episode is the key to the fun of Steam Shots.  In one episode, you may be checking out an island adventure title with heavy FPS overtones then learning about a flying pirate shooter magic conquest adventure.  Next may be a buggy farm simulator that lets you ride an upside down tractor and a puzzle game made by Adult Swim.

The mix of titles is what helps keep each episode fresh and fun.  This is like watching a short variety show based around gaming minus the gag reel that Mad TV might feature (though voice over work hits the comedic level pretty hard here and there to great effect).

The fun of Steam Shots is the play on the word, shots.  Here Shot Gaming has taken it to heart and based their fourlevel scoring system on varying levels of drunkenness that you will have to be at to enjoy the game.  Good games that don’t require any alcohol consumption are rated 1 (Sober).  Need a little bit of help to suspend the level of reality that the game should have done?  That would be a 2 (Buzzed).  Getting tougher to justify playing a game may require something a little stiffer in your glass at level 3 (Drunk).  Finally, if all else fails, and the game truly is horrible and the developers/publisher didn’t do their job, you may have to go for level 4 (Wasted) to find enjoyment in the title you just downloaded.

Thankfully, Shot Gaming has gone through the trouble of consuming mass amounts of liver killing alcohol to find out what level you can expect to be at before fun hits you like a Sunday morning hangover.  Each episode has giveaways for viewers with extremely easy requirements to get involved.  Viewer interaction is quite high here, something that is sorely missing with other ventures like this.

If you want something a little on the comedic side when it comes to your game reviews then you HAVE to check out Shot Gaming and Steam Shots on Youtube.  Tell them Hyper Focused sent you.

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