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Kickstarting a Dungeon Bastard Adventure – The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl!

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Let’s get this clear right now, being a child of the 80s, my basic knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons is above the norm.  It helped that I had a sibling who was quite addicted to the dice rolling and storytelling elements of the game and at every chance tried to get me to play. (I only was ever interested in the monster books personally.) The biggest problem I remember having with D&D games was that they were so dry and SLOW — and heaven forbid someone had to got o the bathroom or couldn’t make a scheduled meeting to continue the quest.

Enter Dungeon Bastard to alleviate all of the woes about boredom, lack of fun or generally hating the adventure you are set upon.  DB is working his magic on a Kickstarter project that will help make D&D history (if ever so irreverently) at Gen Con 2013.  Dungeon Bastard’s unique style will be put to good use in the role of Dungeon Master, live at Gen Con 2013, recorded and released on DVD, and backers will be immortalized based on their commitment to making this event happen.kickstarter v4 (0-00-05-11)

Dungeon Bastard has been doing the monster bash since the tender, outgoing age of 14.  Gen Con has been a destination point for DB since its inception and is a natural location to perform this quite unheard-of event.  Not only has DB attended Gen Con for over 20 years, he has also written “dungeon crawl” con events and even helped host NASCRAG – “the longest-running independent RPG tournament at GEN CON.”

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